English Courses facilitate the English support program to ensure the English skills necessary to ace the students’ Cambridge exams and school entrance exams. All courses are clear-cut to develop a solid foundation in general and academic English.  They are aimed to consolidate and develop the students’ existing language skills to help them complete their day-to-day academic tasks.

All programs are skills-focused and extensive task-based learning, and in line with Cambridge curriculum.



Assessments take place throughout the course. Successful completion of these will determine the students’ progress to the next level and ensures his readiness for his next endeavor.


Primary Checkpoint Preparation Course

Primary Checkpoint Preparation Course (PCPC) aims to enable learners to communicate confidently and effectively and to develop critical skills in order to respond to a range of information, media and texts with enjoyment and understanding.


Secondary Checkpoint Preparation Course

Secondary Checkpoint Preparation Course (SCPC) aims to build up students’ English proficiency, to effectively communicate in speech and in writing and to respond with understanding and insight to a wide range of texts.

Students’ progress in SCPC will mirror their success in Cambridge Secondary 1 Progression Test as well. SCPC also provides a good indication of Cambridge IGCSE and O Level results.


IGCSE –FLE Preparation Course

IGCSE-FLE Prep Course aims to develop the students’ more general analysis and communication skills such as synthesis, inference, and the ability to order facts and present opinions effectively.  In addition, it encourages students to read widely to further their awareness of the ways in which English can be used.IGCSE- FLE Prep course also ready them for further study including AS and A level English.


IGCSE –ESL Preparation Course

IGCSE –ESL Preparation Course aims to develop the students’ ability to use English effectively for the purpose of practical communication.